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Liana has developed her own technique to teach students to play the piano concentrating on using the right side of the brain which is associated with people who tend to be creative and artistic. She has also developed a system of “musical maths” to improve sight-reading and memory. Her students cover a wide spectrum from children to retirees ranging from beginners to professionals.

We have produced a number of books containing a range of technical exercises that are an important tool for all students of the piano.

The use of the books is specifically incorporated into our piano tuition.

Pianoprima Exercises Vol I

Liana Ainge

Pianoprima Exercises: Technical Exercises For Piano (Volume 1)

It is comprised of a range of technical exercises for piano from beginner level to grade 8 equivalent.

The variety of exercises has been developed by us for fifteen minutes practice per day to improve piano technique. Included are special exercises focussing on your weakest fingers to give equality of finger strength and hand evenness.

Even with a small amount of practice, these exercises have proven to give good results for getting hands in good shape and better prepared to play pieces. Practising the exercises in this book regularly will achieve this important goal

The influence of Piano

Liana Ainge

The influence of Piano

Why do lawyers want to learn to play the piano?

At first sight jurisprudence, with its exhaustive logic, rules and standard tasks, is poles apart from the sensual world of music, but in reality it just seems so.

Although this book will be of particular interest to lawyers it also will have a much wider appeal to anyone who is dedicated to learning the piano from beginners to professionals. By reading this book, you will learn how and why training in music develops logical, abstract and creative thinking, and contributes to success in every sphere of human life.

The following additional publications will be available soon

The Psychology of Music

Pianoprima Play Together for Children and Parents

Pianoprima Exercises for Professionals

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